Alpaca Fiber Arts and More...

Windy Meadows Farm & Fiber Factory, LLC
Jill Fielder
408 Drake Rd Hamlin, NY 14464
Ph: 585-709-5099

About Us

Windy Meadows Farm & Fiber Factory is family owned and proudly operated in Hamlin NY. Great pride is taken in every product and every animal! Being that everything is done right on the farm gives us a lot of control to ensure the highest quality from start to finish!!!

Our animals are a part of our family, well loved and well cared for. We purchased our first alpacas in 2011 for the sole purpose of creating fiber art related items with their magnificent fiber but fell in love with the animals as a whole and have decided to branch out into breeding as well. Our animals are of very high quality, several having won awards for their fiber already, and they have many recognizable names in their bloodlines. Breeding for "genetic perfection" in both confirmation and fiber is our goal as we continue in our breeding endeavors!

Along with breeding our animals we enjoy processing and creating items with the alpaca fiber. Each item we sell is handmade. We do not mass produce or purchase items in bulk. Everything is a one of a kind creation proudly made in the USA. Our alpacas grow the fiber, we have it shorn each year, then we sort it, wash it, dry it, sometimes dye it, spike it, card it, spin it, and finally weave or crochet with it! The fiber is such a pleasure to work with and wear we happily put or name and reputation on it each and every step of the way!